Supporting Services


We can supply and install most to any pavers and cobbles of our clients choice. Sometimes our clients like to purchase their own pavers and that’s fine too. This is a supporting service that we offer to enhance the look of your area.

Brush Up

We offer a machine power brush up service on all our installations to pep up your lawn and keep it looking crisp. This is especially helpful to give it a new lease of life once a year or before an event.

Wet Pour Rubber

Wet pour rubber is mostly done on play areas or gyms but we are always open to the challenges or creative designs and applications. See our range of colours in our product section.

Easy Drain Installation

We install fully integrated water drainage systems using “EasyDrain” for areas with poor or no drainage. Our precision and understanding of the specific product we use results in an attractive finish.

Conduit Provisions

A neat conduit job can enhance the value of your area and night time aesthetic. We lay these in channels under the ground and then install the surface. This reduces the need for above ground cabling.

Creative Astroturf

We love everything astroturf and enjoy projects that apply it in unusual ways and creative designs. This can be used for displays, exhibitions, signature experiences or any featured area.