Our magical team

Rafik Salwary

Founder & Director

Rafik is one of our founders. His drive for excellence in every installation results in some top-notch work that our teams take deep pride in. Rafik is not your average director; on one day you will find him finessing an installation to perfection on his hands and knees and on another day he will be jet-setting to overseas suppliers to bring home the highest quality product on the market.

Ayesha Salwary

Founder & Marketing Director

Ayesha is one of our founders and our big reason for building meaningful connections. She is a dynamic personality that thrives on developing processes and driving our marketing operations. The soul that she brings to our business is a strategic asset, you will often find Ayesha on site snapping pictures, laughing with the crew and checking in with our clients. If you have the delight of meeting Ayesha make sure you have some time to chat.

Uncle Greg

Team Leader

Uncle Greg has been with us from the start and is a support for our team making sure that the team has all the goods they need to get our projects done. He specializes in paving, construction and oversees the quilty control of the final installation phase.



Fred started with us as a labourer and has worked his way upto being a team lead on the installation process. He is driven and ambitions with a keen eye for detail which leaves every project he works on meeting our high quilty standards. You would see Fred managing the base installation of your grass and helping the team pull a project through to completion.


Installation Specialist

Aubrey is the brute muscle of our team and has been with us from the beginning. He handles our heavy machinery and specializes in brushing up the turf as well as assists in the installation process. You will see Aubrey going about his work with serious focus and energy although he switches on his smile face over lunch time.


Installation Specialist

Kinglsey like most of our workforce has been with us from the beginning. Kinglsey handles the sub-base preparation and our compacter. He facies himself as an oracle of all knowledge and we find this kind of funny. You will see him chatting his way through an installation but dont be fooled it's actually what keeps him focussed.



Mike is our muscle man, he likes chopping down trees and clearing out shrubs and bushes. He came on board as a support to us needing extra hands and has proven himself to be a value-added asset in the installation process. Mike is a funny guy and he loves making a meal of his lunch breaks which makes total sense when you see the power he puts into clearing out jungles.